Love messages

Love messages for her

You’re my first thought in the morning
And my last at night.
You’re the source of my strength
And my greatest weakness.

I can’t even imagine
What i did right to deserve you in my life.
You’re my angel, my star,
You’re everything that’s
Right in the world.

Love messages for wife

You are in my life and in my heart,
That’s why i love you and i ‘ll make you my wife.

Now that i’ve found my calling,
I’ll do whatever it takes to make
You the happiest woman in the world.

Love message to husband

I love our life, and would choose
You all over again if i had to.

My angel,
My love for you is unlimited.
For you, i will do anything.
With you, i'll do anything.

Love messages for girlfriend

I will never stop dreaming because you are my dream.
I will never stop loving because you are my love.

You are my sweetheart,
Because you will always be in my heart,
And you are so sweet to me.

Love message to boyfriend

After i met you i have a strong feeling
That i am in love. Because
I miss you when i am happy
And i madly need you when i am sad.

Do you ever notice
How i always smile like an idiot
Whenever i’m talking to you.

Love message for him

You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

You are the one i want to see in the morning
I love you and want you to be mine forever.

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